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Patrick Johnson

Wellth Counselor

Image by Evan Wise


Patrick is the founder of WellthPartner. In addition to promoting an evolution in traditional wealth management, Patrick maintains an active practice working directly with clients helping them frame, and then live into, their highest personal paradigm of Wellth. 


Patrick's professional emphasis has been as a fiduciary financial counselor - now with over twenty-five years of experience and the highest professional credentials. WellthPartner represents a confluence of Patrick's diverse life experience: professional river and mountain guide, seminarian, organic farmer, professional life coach, and author.

His desire throughout his successful career has been that clients thrive and find peace in their lives.  Patrick realized early on that the financial services profession almost exclusively addresses the tactical aspects of financial planning, leaving many important aspects of clients' well-being unattended. Patrick’s career is defined by honoring and addressing the importance of both. 


In addition to his considerable tenure as a Certified Financial Planner, Patrick is a Certified Professional Life Coach formally trained by the ICF-accredited Human Potential Institute and the Flow Research Collective. He is also the founder of The Wellth Collaborative, PeaceTrain GuidesSynthesis Life Insurance, and is author of the novel One . Conscious . Breath .


Patrick lives in Woodland Park, CO. He has been married to the love of his life, Jenny, for over twenty years. They have two delightful teenage children: Luke and Lauren. In his free time, Patrick can usually be found reading about a diverse array of topics or interacting with nature via a wide range of mediums.

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