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Your Peace is Our Purpose

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Image by Thomas Morse

WellthPartner offers a unique combination of traditional financial counseling and wellness services. 


In the color scheme of our logos, each color represents a different arena of well-being. These swirl together because that's how it is with life. Our goal is that you enjoy an ever-deeper peace within those circumstances - and ultimately, regardless of them.

Your 'Wellth' is a complex blend of the different arenas of your well-being.

Utilizing our proven process, we partner with you to identify and explore these arenas so you can live out your highest version of self authentically and at peace.

In the primary WellthPartner logo, the two squares represent two partners who embody all the dimensions of well-being linking arms to explore an ever-deepening awareness of well-being and potential.


More About the Origins of WellthPartner

The Old English root word ‘weal’ unites the concepts of ‘health’ and ‘welfare’ and suggests an original definition of wealth as

"happiness, health,

well-being, and prosperity."

Miriam Webster considers this definition obsolete and has replaced it with ‘an abundance of valuable material possessions or resources.’ While most of us today are likely more familiar with Webster’s definition for wealth, we at WellthPartner invite you to hold both definitions in a balance, like a coin with two sides. 

While financial abundance can certainly serve to support the conditions for ultimate well-being, it is insufficient in meeting this end goal on its own. 

We believe one's true wealth is a rainbow and money is one of the colors.

The Financial Counseling team at WellthPartner is 100% committed to helping you build and secure your financial resources and prosperity. What is unique about WellthPartner is that we also have a Health and Wellness team to help you address the other side of that coin – to cultivate the conditions for ‘happiness, health and well-being’.

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