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Financial Counseling

WellthPartner’s LCFA™ is the first step in our WellthMap™ process. This is an enjoyable, collaborative process designed to map your financial paradigm over the course of your lifetime. This analysis includes strategy and planning during the pre-retirement phase, and the same for your retirement years. 

With one of WellthPartner’s fiduciary financial counselors, we will consider together how your income sources and expenses integrate over time and adjusted for inflation and taxes. We will also evaluate the impact of: various asset structures and tax shelters, variable rates of return, inflation, among other long term planning considerations. 

This is an important starting point for financial planning wherein one needs to pay close attention to necessary rates of return as assets work toward long term goals, investment architectures, dates of retirement and social security integration, the impacts of pensions on retirement, etc. 

Lifetime Cash Flow Analysis

Portfolio Review

WellthPartner’s fiduciary financial counselors will review your current investment architecture with a specific emphasis on asset type, fee structures, how the assets integrate, and whether the portfolio is best positioned to fund your short and long-term goals. This review is best done after the LCFA™ (above), as understanding the context of your broader financial paradigm allows us to better understand if your current portfolio is working in line with your objectives.

This offering is designed to empower you with a detailed understanding of your spending and financial allocations. An informed sense for your spending is critical to good long-term financial planning and asset management. 

You will receive two one-hour working sessions with WellthPartner’s Certified Budget Coach™. Upon completion of the process, you will have a ready-to-implement monthly budget, a plan for debt elimination, a tracking spreadsheet to stay on plan.

Budget Analysis

Tax Analysis and Planning 

WellthPartner’s Tax Analysis and Planning service is a process designed to offer clarity around your tax paradigm so you can be confident your financial life is as tax-efficient as possible. To this end, we use a combination of industry-leading tax analysis software, custom spreadsheets, and one-on-one counsel. When appropriate, we collaborate with Certified Public Accountants.   

A WellthPartner financial counselor will work with you to curate a diversified, tax-and-fee efficient investment architecture in line with your short and long term financial planning goals. Your posture toward the perennial risk : reward paradigm will be carefully considered along with your broader financial paradigm. 

This architecture is then monitored on an ongoing, discretionary basis so your portfolio is always kept up to date and in-line with your goals. 

Investment Architecture

Emerging Opportunities Strategy

The Technology Age is gaining momentum and our futures will undoubtedly be shaped by how we incorporate technology into the human experience. The Emerging Opportunities Strategy is designed to help clients participate in this synthesis and benefit financially from it. The strategy has also been curated in such a way that investors can enjoy a sense of satisfaction that their dollars are being deployed toward a future full of hope and possibility. 

We believe The Emerging Opportunities Strategy offers significant opportunity for attractive, non-correlated returns. The Technology Age will impact humanity’s evolution on an enormous scale - perhaps even more than any named ‘Age’ before. Through the Emerging Opportunities Strategy we are committed to investing in sectors of the global economy which are, and will be, critical for our rapidly developing future. 

The Emerging Opportunities Strategy is designed to be a part of this exciting evolution – presenting opportunities for both progressive investors and companies dedicated to a positive future.

WellthPartner is proud of how we keep clients up to date with our best thinking about what has happened in the global economy, as well as our thoughtful forward-looking forecasts – and how all of that careful analysis integrates with client portfolio architectures. 

Our Highlights & Insights Newsletter is a deliverable which we email clients on a monthly basis. The quarterly editions are more robust than the monthly editions, and for those we summarize the key takeaways in a video.

We also offer a ‘Musings’ section in the newsletters which is specific to the Health and Well-Being side of our practice. This section of the newsletter is meant to offer clients insights and suggestions about how to live even healthier, ‘wellthier’ lives. Often this section integrates with the Salugenex™ offering for the month.  

Highlights & Insights Newsletters and Videos

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