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Health and Well-Being

Image by Agnieszka Boeske


The WellthPartner WellthSurvey™ is a self-paced, evidence-based, surgical exercise which clients can utilize to gain more clarity about the state of their overall ‘wellth.’ The enhanced clarity which clients enjoy after this exercise then helps more fully inform their financial planning goals. 

This workbook style survey is designed in line with the National Wellness Institute’s philosophy about the dimensions of well-being. It is intended to help clients assess their values, strengths and sense of happiness, and also offer perspective on how they are thriving in each dimension of their well-being. 

Salugenex™ (Salu = Health; Genesis = Creation) is a wellness community for WellthPartner clients. We offer a collection of monthly themes with engaging and practical activities designed to enhance resilience, longevity, gene expression, health, and peace. The content is offered via a custom easy-to-navigate app, and the community meets live once a month to discuss the month's theme.

This offering is designed to inspire, equip and support clients to upgrade their inner and outer environments so that they may dance resiliently with the challenges of life and truly flourish in body, mind and spirit.


Healthy | Wealthy | Wise Show


This is an organic recent offering founded in a spirit of service to our community, and beyond. Over the last many years of working intimately with clients on their private affairs, a lifelong fascination with philosophy and spirituality, tenure as a professional certified life coach, and a life experience which has brought a new way of experiencing the world (see One.Conscious.Breath), our founder Patrick Johnson, has learned a few things. And he is connected to many people who know a lot, too. We believe people can benefit from this collective wisdom. WellthPartner maintains an emphatic commitment to servicing existing clients with excellence. There is also a tremendous interest in our comprehensive ‘wellth’ counsel. By design, and with our own Life | Work Balance in mind, our commitment to service rather than growth limits our capacity to help. The Healthy | Wealthy | Wise show allows the broader community to benefit from helpful interesting insights into the important arenas of health, wealth and wisdom without being a client ‘in the family’, so to speak.  The Healthy | Wealthy | Wise show is fully underwritten by WellthPartner so listeners can enjoy more valuable content without having to endure ads. ​ Consistent question:  Why radio? Why not a podcast?  WellthPartner has gone ‘old school’ and launched a radio show, even while the technology era dramatically changes the landscape of media. One of Patrick’s favorite childhood memories from the early ‘70s is riding along in his dad’s Pontiac listening to talk radio (NPR and Paul Harvey, in particular). His father is elderly now, without much tolerance for tech. A significant additional motivation for radio in this technological era is so his father can rest and listen to some special radio programming. And the show is formatted for podcast as well 😊. Links available soon.

OCB is a wild, relatable, genre-blending novel based on the true story of our founder, Patrick Johnson. It was written as a passion project in service to others. Indeed, most who read the novel say it has had a powerful positive impact. It also articulates the ‘Why’ behind WellthPartner.


This is the description of the novel on Amazon:

Pappy built the life he thought he should, on wealth, faith and family, but it left him feeling hollow. He would risk it all to reach a greater prize – the simple satisfaction we all need. On a wilderness journey, Pappy searched his soul, searched for God, and searched for a home. With Christian thinkers, spiritual leaders, philosophers, mountains and rivers as his teachers, he would learn how to craft an emotionally healthy spirituality rooted in present moment awareness, freed from fear and guilt.

Pappy’s story, closely based on the real life of the author, shows a way toward inner peace and happiness, toward spiritual joy and freedom, toward complete wellbeing, regardless of the circumstances that life throws at you. Its example shows that wisdom is not in knowing where your journey leads, but in choosing what you carry close and what you leave behind.

One.Conscious.Breath is a fun story, an enjoyable read and emotional ride, packed with timeless lessons for anyone who wants more from life but can’t find how to start. It can help you find the peace that lies within.


Please reach out if you would like to know more!

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