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Ann-Noel Spencer

Wellth Counselor Associate

Wellth Coordinator

Image by Evan Wise


As Wellth Counselor Associate | Wellth Coordinator, Ann-Noel works with potential WellthPartner clients to introduce them to our practice and to identify how our team of professionals can best serve them. She offers organizational and administrative support to the team as well as marketing coordination to further the WellthPartner message. She specializes in Medicare, a registered ParaPlanner, and a certified professional Life Coach.

Ann-Noel thrives in the team environment that is organic to our group of professionals. She truly feels that she didn’t just find a job two years ago…the job found her! She also enjoys the intimate, personal relationships (and friendships!) that are forged with each and every client we serve.

Ann-Noel is a devoted parent to three amazing kids with the help of her husband, Chad. In her “spare time,” she enjoys dancing, painting, and yoga. Though trained in classic ballroom, her most favorite dance is “Thriller,” and she is proud to be the coordinator of the local chapter of Thrill the World (she would be happy to share details about this world-wide event that breaks records and raises money for charity through dance – just ask her!).

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