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 Amber Ayers

Health and Wellness Counselor

Image by Evan Wise


Put simply, Amber loves people and desires to see them flourish. She's committed to the enhancement of work performance and personal growth in every client. Formerly the executive director of a vocational discernment community, Amber has extensive experience in one-on-one and group direction.

With over a decade in service and support professions, Amber’s background also includes participation on multiple senior leadership teams, frequent public speaking engagements, and international work in diverse environments.

In her sweet spot, Amber uses strategic intuition to recognize obstacles and issues. Then she crafts powerful questions to guide clients towards the most effective solution. Amber has the ability to focus on the individual with keen awareness and insight while perceiving team dynamics and helping a group work together towards a common goal. She delights in helping people get unstuck and move forward with renewed energy in life and work.

With a masters degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, Amber is also a certified CoachNet and Leader Breakthru coach. Amber and her husband, Matthew, live in community in southeast Colorado Springs and are raising two kids, Zeke and Halle Joy.

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