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WellthPartner wealth management

Traditional wealth counseling and wellness services.


WellthPartner is a non-traditional wealth management firm comprised of tenured financial planning, investment management, and life coaching professionals.


We are dedicated to helping clients find and enjoy more peace and fulfillment so they can confidently live into their highest versions of self and legacy. 


When offering financial counsel, we do so in a fiduciary capacity under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 and as advisors of SRS Capital.


We believe financial wealth is one part of overall well-being... that wealth is a rainbow, and money is one of the colors.


We believe friends, families and communities benefit meaningfully when individuals are living with deep peace and as authentically as possible.  


The American Psychological Association has declared that money is a primary cause of stress. Stress inhibits peaceful and authentic living. 


Our process begins with a collaborative financial planning exercise designed to immediately deliver clarity, empowerment, and reduced stress in the financial paradigm of one's overall well-being. 


Once any financial concerns are addressed and resolved, clients then have the opportunity engage with our robust health and wellness offering and explore the other paradigms of their 'wellth'.

Color Stain


"WellthPartner's heart is in serving their clients. I have been personally touched by the experience of having someone being truly present with me and really listening. As a result of my relationship with WellthParther, my financial wealth is in order and I have gained valuable insights about life beyond the balance sheet." 

Norma R.

WellthPartner wealth management

Your wealth is a rainbow; money is one of the colors.

Patrick Johnson, Founder

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