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Steve Hunt

Wellth Counselor

Image by Evan Wise


Steve serves WellthPartner clients by working on sophisticated analytical projects for them.


His commitment to the well-being of others is evident in how he has lived his life: a devoted family man; a tremendous friend to others; a full career of service in the Army. Steve has a playful zest for life which is engaging to all who meet him.   


Steve is a committed student and specialist of the mathematics employed for financial planning, portfolio construction modeling and modern portfolio theory. He has two Masters Degrees in Applied Mathematics, most recently from the Naval Postgraduate School, and he has completed additional post-graduate work at Cornell University. Additionally, he has earned the highest credential in the field of data analytics: Certified Analytics Professional (CAP).   


Steve has considerable experience as a personal financial advisor. Notably and most recently, he worked as an advisor with AMG National Trust, a Denver based wealth management firm which works exclusively with high-net-worth individuals. He thrived at AMG and was asked to lead the financial counseling division of the Boulder, CO office. We are thrilled he has chosen to put his robust skill set in service to WellthPartner clients.   


Steve lives in Colorado Springs, CO. He has been married to his wife, Heather, for over twenty years and is the father of four children. When Steve isn’t working on brain-buster math and financial planning problems, one can find him in service at his church, gardening his large home-garden, enjoying long-distance runs, or playing in the wilderness.

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